Big Mac 50 Years

Client: McDonald’s

In 1968, an icon was born. As time passed things were faced by change but one thing remained the same. 50 years later we commemorate the Big Mac for its timeless image that persisted throughout the years. 50 Years / 50 Billboards.



This campaign was my first time getting to see the strength of what is possible when an entire agency gets involved in a project. The shear mass of billboards, the filming, the discarding of so many versions, the attention to detail over so many sujets…a process that served to teach me the value of craft.

/// Awards:

/ Cannes Lion Outdoor – Bronze
/ Cannes Lion Design – Bronze
/ 14 Cannes Lions Shortlists
/ APG SPA Billboard – Gold
/ ADC Switzerland Billboard – Gold
/ ADC Switzerland Art Direction – Gold
/ ADC Switzerland Campaign – Gold
/ ADC Switzerland Illustration – Gold
Clio 1x Silver & 3x Bronze


The Case