So you found my site. I’m Gaston, 25 year old Art Director currently living in Zurich.

I’m just a guy who does advertising. Was born in Buenos Aires, but I couldn’t really say which neighbourhood. I studied at CREA Genève, Geneva to become an Art Director without even knowing what it was about, I asked the interviewer and he must’ve said “You will be taught to find creative solutions to problems posed by your clients by learning from industry professionals and enhancing your cognitive super powers, so take the red pill”. After all these years it feels like I took both pills.



Some of the clients
I’ve worked with.

I’ve been working since 2016, having had the opportunity to delve into various industries through a diverse range of clients. I found that I can work best when I’m in a team that is more like a group of friends rather than just some people from the office.

The truth is I catch myself in surprise at how well I do when the conditions are right, and right can mean being at work at 12 am preparing the Pitch_final_v6_FIN.key for a 9 am presentation all the while knowing that it’s all worth it because it’s a team effort.



My Skills and
more chit chat.


Here’re my skills. Had to round my skills up a little bit. I’m sure this part wasn’t necessary but it’s a segue to my next paragraph, plus… more glitches!

I’ve worked on all scales of campaigns, with a hint of moving images. I’m very concept driven, very flexible on the mediums be it award oriented, digital, print, TVC and also case-studies. I am very experienced in graphic design, rough film editing and motion graphics.

Trying to learn 3D. It’s fun, if fun means pain.



Me Me Me.

I’m just a guy who does advertising, but I do other things too. I’ve put a hole in my wallet from my love for music, collecting records trying to chase the dream of the perfect sounds. I game depending on the season, or that’s what I tell myself. Whiskey. Sci-Fi films about a world broken and rebuilt 7 times over a la Blade Runner. Oh yeah and glitch art / databending.